As a storm damage specialist, Lid Flippers is fully qualified to work with insurance companies to satisfy storm damage claims for home and business owners.


Lid Flippers inspectors are extremely familiar with home and business owners policies, with damages caused by hail, wind, and water and the requirements each insurance carrier has for a roof to be totaled and therefore replaced. We have established relationships with many insurance adjusters, and have gained their full respect.




The contract price will be equal to the amount of money allowed by the insurance company and never greater than that amount. Our contractors use an independent pricing guideline that provides industry standard "fair market value" pricing for all areas of the United States, and is recognized by most insurance companies. Your total "out of pocket" cost is always known before signing a contigency form with the contractor. You know exactly what your expense will be. In most cases the property owners cost is only a portion of the deductible dictated by the policy or nothing at all.


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